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Our team has more than 30 years experience in helping companies align technology with their business goals & objectives.

Drive Your Business Goals with Smarter Application Development.

ICON’s team of experts provide the technical resources and experience required to develop applications that align with your business objectives while integrating with your current legacy offerings. Today’s organizations need efficient, integrated, and modernized business applications more than ever. Together, we’ll work with you throughout the entire development lifecycle, from architecture and design to deployment, integration, and ongoing management.

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Whether it is service requests, incidents, routine tasks, and enhancement hours, ICON will Consolidate and simplify your business application management operations and software vendor annual support. ICON has the expert engineers to deliver a premium support experience and an efficient, streamlined support model to drive better business outcomes with improved service levels and faster resolutions.


Data can help you make sharp decisions—if you trust it. We’re experts in data quality, from strategy to cleansing to master data management, and can help you create a roadmap to clean, usable data. Let’s build a data program that lets you use your assets with confidence.

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ICON offers expert implementation, quality assurance and software testing.

Usability and Aesthetics Testing: We test your site for ease of use, spelling, grammar, accurate and appropriately placed contact information, screen appearance and graphics.

  • Compatibility Testing: We ensure your site works with all popular browsers and operating systems.
  • Functionality Testing: We check for link accuracy, validate all code, test form submittals, proof automated tasks, and validate the data capture.
  • Performance and Stress Testing: We test download speed and the execution of event strings. An evaluation of your site’s ability to perform to capacity is included.
  • Transaction Security Validation: We validate that your site transactions are functioning properly and the information you receive is correct, secure and complete.
  • On-Site Services: We provides permanent, on-site consultants for large corporations that need to increase support without increasing their staff. All of our consultants are certified professionals with the expertise you need, ready to work full-time or part-time on short or long term projects.


Save your business money with Icon Systems VOIP services. We offer both hosted and integrated voice over IP solutions at an affordable price.

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