Wireless Analysis

Do not wait for the next great breakthrough or development. We at Icon Systems are industry leaders setting the trends. Our solutions are completely customizable, catered to fit the exact needs of your enterprise. Once you have a secure plan in place, it is time for us to provide on-site analysis of your work environment. Through this process and first-hand knowledge, our team of experts will be able to design an end-to-end enterprise mobility strategy.

The next step involves cultivating a shared vision that benchmarks a growth blueprint for your future.

Leverage Your Wireless Network

How do you quantify the connectivity and performance of your wireless network? Our work ranging from small to large companies yields results that demonstrate our ability to implement tailored solutions successfully.


We will come to you and examine your work environment, looking at everything from your climate to site size and accessibility. Based on this insight, we will analyze which devices would work best for your business.


Our site surveys are designed to help you build a wireless roadmap. After inspecting your location and determining optimal installation points, we plan and design a wireless network that will deliver results for your business.
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