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Information Technology Solutions:

Workstation: Every workstation in every office has a vital function. When one goes down, it can make business grind to a halt. You can ensure that every workstation is fully updated, patched, and ready for work with Workstation Management. Your hardware and software requirements will be handled by professionals who will take care of all performance tuning, cloud backup, and antivirus subscription issues. We keep your technology working for you, so you can work with your technology.

Network: You rely on your network, and your ability to function. With so many reasons for concern, ranging from network fidelity to concerns about data security, you need a technology partner with a strong background in top-down management. Network Management begins with analyzing your network topology to build a comprehensive plan to reduce risk while improving network performance and reliability.

Server: Whether you use a cloud, virtual, or physical server, you need this throbbing heart of your Information Technology infrastructure to be in good hands. You need to safeguard your systems from security breaches, software bugs, and malware every moment of every day. Server Management can take all aspects of running your server, from maintenance to patches and updates, off your plate and let you focus on business.

WIFI Solutions:

Wireless Network Solutions:

Ensure that your network end-users have the most robust network possible for their workplace mobile devices and that’s through Icon Systems enterprise mobility site survey.To plan and design your wireless network, our team of experts will conduct a wireless site survey. This ensures you will get appropriate coverage, network capacity, roaming capability, and quality of service for their devices.

A site analysis, a site survey focuses specifically on network range and which signal levels are needed to best serve your intended devices and software.

Icon Systems provides Site Survey:

o Analyze WLAN metrics and RF spectrum characteristics

o Deliver a heat map showing RF coverage of the entire floor-plan

o Examine user experience, including pain points and system bottlenecks

o Determine minimal signal to noise ratio needed to support performance requirements

o Create a report that indicates optimal locations for wireless access points, sources of interference and areas of concern

End-to-End Wi-Fi Solutions

 We provide end-to-end Wi-Fi solutions for a variety of needs and environment

Private/Public Wi-Fi

Whether you need access for your guests or a private solution for
your employees, we can build you a fast, secure, reliable, and
scalable Wi-Fi solution.

Indoor/Outdoor Wi-Fi

We will help you evaluate all factors and potential obstacles that you
must overcome when designing an indoor or outdoor Wi-Fi solution.

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