School Management System

School Management Software for schools, universities, colleges, institutes. Please send us the query on for Demo.

We have a ready made school management system with the following functionalities as given below:

Admin Features:
  • Add/update/delete students information
  • Get feedback from Students/Parents
  • Add/update/delete teachers information
  • Manage transportation details
  • Add/update/delete student marks
  • Edit system settings
  • A Manage logins for students/parents/teachers.
  • Send Message to Teacher/Parents/Students
Teacher Features
  • Update/delete students information
  • Update/delete parents information
  • Add/update/delete student marks
  • Add/update/delete Class Events
  • Send email notifications to all users
  • Manage subjects/attendance/exams/classes
Student Features
  • View teacher’s profile
    View school events in calendar
    View Student’s marks/attendances and other comments
    Send feedback/message to teacher
    View Student’s class routine
    See overall performance of Student’s class
    View school transportation and routes
    Manage own profile
Parent Features
  • View school transportation and routes
    View subject details
    View school events in calendar
    View marks and attendances
    Send feedback/message to administration/teachers/students
    View class routine
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