IT Management

IT Management

Icon Systems Inc. consultants offer more than just technical infrastructure services, but also provides professional services. Icon Systems Inc. will assign Chief Information Office (CIO) to your organization who will  provide guidance, counsel and planning to your operation. The ITE provides these services:


Regular tactical and strategic planning is conducted to insure IT resources are properly aligned with business goals and objectives. For example, the replacement of hardware to meet new, or planned, performance needs.


Managing the many “assets” related to IT can be a very daunting task for any size organization. Icon Systems Inc. utilizes an integrated service and asset management system to maintain information critical to the budgeting, planning and service execution. 


A formal process to define how IT investments add value to an organization. By defining the IT decisions necessary to increase organizational value, who should make these decisions, how those decisions are made and how the resulting value is measured. 


A review of support, projects and technology health to determine the overall effectiveness of IT in the organization. This analysis is presented in Black Line Consulting’s “Account Summary”, which is used to support of IT related decisions. For example, replacing hardware, upgrading software or conducting end-user training.

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